hi i'm Gaelle, i'm 23 and i live in belgium

i'm probably crying about Franz Ferdinand rn

houston [x/x/x]
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rpattz ALS challenge video is my favorite because it’s the worst. so, basically, in character and totally predictable.  

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  • person: get your license
  • me: The Road Is A Terrifying Place And I Am Very Afraid To Drive
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i’m going to see bombay bicycle club in newcastle and london in december and i’ve never been more excited about a 17-hour bus ride wow

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Trying to come off as a casual fan by calling him Captain America instead of Steve

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Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV

EW rounded up stars from some binge-watching favorites—from Orange is the New Black to Parks and Recreation—to remind you that binging can have harmful effects on everything from your self-esteem to your social life.

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Niall Horan ALS ice bucket challenge x

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u know what’s wack? i have an exam tomorrow that i’m going to fail and i don’t like my university and i have no idea what i’m doing with my life

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i didn’t even want to see guardians of the galaxy but all the gifs and fanart and all are so cute?? groot is so cute???? i was wrong i was so wrong

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Matt Helders enjoing the gig and shining of gloriousness at Pinkpop 2014

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