i'm probably crying about Franz Ferdinand rn

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it’s 1 am and i want pasta, an autobiography

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im not as excited about the avengers quicksilver he’s not my type (oops) and i think he’ll be more like the comics character which unfortunately i didnt find as interesting as dofp :(

i was excited about him when i first found out he was going to be in avengers because he has a cool mutation but that was before dofp and evan peters :/
(plus the avengers movies are less idk light-hearted?? than recent x-men movies so he will probably be really serious and that will be weird to watch??)

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gaylic replied to your post “gaylic replied to your post “all i want in life: a wolverine movie…”

I wish he was in it longer :(((((

ME TOO :(((
i was all “oh my god HOW COOL WAS THAT” and my friend who’d seen the movie before just answered “yeah but he’s not in the movie after that tho” and that’s when my life ended tbh

i hope he’s in the next x-men movie for longer than 5 minutes :(

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gaylic replied to your post “all i want in life: a wolverine movie where he teams up with yukio…”


YESSS every scene he was in in dofp was perf and the scene where it’s just him taking out the guards i yes

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all i want in life:

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the cool t hing about bowling AUs is that you can just be like “imagine [character] bowling” and thats…the whole joke. thats sufficient. like: imagine stannis baratheon bowling. i dont need to add anything to that

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“This book not only ruined a week at the beach but also damaged my self-esteem.”


Alex at the cancelled Carcassonne Festival, France 20.07.14 by Julien Roche

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the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.

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What’s the difference between Modernism and Postmodernism? Heh. Well, imagine an iron man, powerful and muscular and naked, all angles. His face is cold and indifferent and awful, like a gothic cathedral, and there’s a dull flame in his unmoving glass eyes. You open your heavy eyelids and this iron man’s dreadful gaze is the first thing that you see, and you’re paralyzed in terror by his pure contempt. You are lashed to the Eternal Wheel, lashed tight beyond escape, and his unrusted hands are twisting a marionette’s control bar which governs its queasying, fluid motions. His fingers click and shuttle and creak with power and languor. Your soul feels like it’s being ripped from your body every time a deliberate movement of his impossibly strong wrists changes the course and speed of the Wheel. His will is sovereign and absolute and your tattered and weeping spirit hangs in the balance, suspended between infinite joy and infinite agony in an instant of infinite anxiety. In Postmodernism, he might be wearing an “I’m with Stupid” shirt. I hope that helps

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